Artificial firs have thanks to their naturally looking needles very distinctive and elegant appearance and because of their slim figure don't need as much space as other trees. In our collection is also the realistic life like looking Fir Gold - this variant would make you believe that you have a real live tree in your room but without the unwanted needle falling and drying up.

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The comb-like arranged needles give firs their clear and luxurious look, as well as provide enough space to set your creativity loose while arranging it. It's the qualitative materials and precise production process that give our artificial firs their unique and realistic look. The tree stand is also included. These artificial Christmas trees are easily assembled and folded. Firs are not only appropriate for living rooms, but also for hallways, offices, waiting rooms and schools.

You can find wide range of artificial Christmas firs in our selection, with heights ranging from 120 to 250 centimeters. Take a look into our firs selection, there's something for everyone.

We also offer artificial Christmas pines and spruces .


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