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(Sold out) Pine tree Silver full shape - artificial Christmas tree 220 cm

- 50 7,2 FT. Season 2018

Simple and practical artificial Christmas tree that will last for years! Realistic look. Easily foldable. Sprigs add a perfect natural look. Layered branches are perfect for hangi .. more

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10 benefits of artifical trees

  • 1. Extremely realistic look, yet easy to maintain
  • 2. Won’t scatter mounds of messy needles all over the floor
  • 3. Can handle A LOT of Christmas decorations
  • 4. Perfect shape and color
  • 5. Meets the highest EU safety standards
  • 6. Easy to fold/unfold and will last a long time
  • 7. You are contributing to the plantation of real trees
  • 8. Two-year guarantee
  • 9. Three types of needles' execution to choose from
  • 10. FREE delivery

SILVER design

Silver artificial Christmas trees are on their way to become the new bestseller. They are getting more and more popular with each and every year. Dense and well-formable needles, easy handling, low maintenance, solid price and perfect quality. You can also choose specific size of your tree. Our Silver Christmas trees will brighten your house!

Spruce Gold wrapped in snow - artificial christmas tree 150 cm


Guarantee: 24 months
Execution: Silver
Height: 220 cm
Width: 130 cm
Material: artificial mass
type: trees
Color: green
Type of conifers: pine
Needles: 2D Needles


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