TREE FOR ME Firs Fir tree Gold narrow - artificial Christmas tree - 220 cm

Fir tree Gold narrow - artificial Christmas tree - 220 cm

Brand: All4Customer
Guarantee: 24 months
Price: up to 73 €
Execution: Gold
Height: 220 cm
Width: 120 cm
Material: artificial mass
type: trees
Color: green
Type of conifers: fir
Needles: 2D Needles
Availability: In Stock
VAT: The shown price includes 21% VAT
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10 benefits of artifical trees

  • 1. Extremely realistic look, yet easy to maintain
  • 2. Won’t scatter mounds of messy needles all over the floor
  • 3. Can handle A LOT of Christmas decorations
  • 4. Perfect shape and color
  • 5. Meets the highest EU safety standards
  • 6. Easy to fold/unfold and will last a long time
  • 7. You are contributing to the plantation of real trees
  • 8. Two-year guarantee
  • 9. Three types of needles' execution to choose from
  • 10. FREE delivery

GOLD design

Gold Christmas trees are known for their natural look and are almost indistinguishable from the real trees. They are one of the customers' favorites. They are made of high quality materials and meet the highest safety standards of the European Union. Their branches are wellformable. Artificial trees are practical for maintenance and cleaning. They are easy to fold and manipulate.

Height 220 cm fir

We offer a vast selection of artificial Christmas trees with a height of 220 centimeters. Note that these types of trees require enough space as they are quite high and robust in general. Higher Christmas trees fit well into spacious rooms, especially living rooms, larger halls, dining rooms and offices. The decorating itself may prove to be a bit more time consuming but will reward you with overwhelming Christmas atmosphere when finished.


Fir tree Gold narrow - artificial Christmas tree - 220 cm

Artificial Christmas Fir tree

Simple and practical artificial Christmas tree that will last for years!

  • Realistic appearance.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Sprigs give perfect natural look.
  • Layered branches are perfect for hanging ornaments.
  • Stand included.
  • In sizes ranging from 150-220 cm.

Fir is a practical Christmas tree and a favorite among customers for its simplicity and elegance. Its branches provide a perfect natural look, maximize volume and fullness of the tree. This makes the decoration of tree a joy for the whole family.

Like with all of our artificial trees - fir is easy to assemble, fold and manipulate.

It is a matter of course that a stand with rubber, scratch proof feet is attached as well.

Our tree will make your Christmas unforgettable!

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