Spruces Spruce Platinum natural - artificial Christmas tree 180 cm

Spruce Platinum natural - artificial Christmas tree 180 cm

Brand: All4Customer
Guarantee: 24 months
Price: up to 145 €
Height: 180 cm
Execution: Platinum
Width: 115 cm
Material: artificial mass
type: trees
Color: green
Type of conifers: spruce
Needles: 3D Needles
Availability: In Stock
VAT: The shown price includes 21% VAT
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or £186,00
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10 benefits of artifical trees

  • 1. Extremely realistic look, yet easy to maintain
  • 2. Won’t scatter mounds of messy needles all over the floor
  • 3. Can handle A LOT of Christmas decorations
  • 4. Perfect shape and color
  • 5. Meets the highest EU safety standards
  • 6. Easy to fold/unfold and will last a long time
  • 7. You are contributing to the plantation of real trees
  • 8. Two-year guarantee
  • 9. Three types of needles' execution to choose from
  • 10. FREE delivery


Platinum design is our customers' favorite. These trees have ultra-realistic look into them. They are almost indistinguishable from the real trees. Their branches are densely layered and keep all of your favorite Christmas decorations up. Branches look great and real even without any decorations. Platinum trees are being made of the highest quality materials and meet the highest safety standards of the European Union. Christmas trees can be easily folded, disassembled and are easy to maintain. Our Platinum Christmas trees will brighten your house!


Height 180 cm

180 centimeters is among the most popular heights of Christmas trees around - you'll never make a mistake by choosing this standard variant. These artificial trees suit well pretty much any room, even though they still require quite a bit of space around them. Get one to enhance your Christmas spirit as well as your home's atmosphere. It doesn't matter whether you decide to put one of these beautiful trees in your dining room, bedroom, children's room or living room. In any case you'll end up with your new Christmas pride!


Spruce Platinum natural - artificial Christmas tree 180 cm

Very elegant artificial Christmas tree 180 centimeters tall, that will give your home the right Christmas atmosphere!

  • Stunning realistic appearance
  • Slim profile is ideal for small and narrow spaces
  • Twigs give very natural appearance
  • Layered branches are perfect for hanging ornaments
  • The stand is included in the package
  • In sizes from 180 to 250 cm

Platinum is a wonderful natural spruce artificial Christmas tree, which is characterized by ultra-realistic appearance. The densely layered branches not only look great, but are also ideal for hanging your favorite Christmas decorations.

This artificial Christmas tree is characterized by slender dimensions and is therefore suitable for tight spaces, such as small apartments, entrances or corners. Spruce natural Platinum we offer in sizes from 180 to 250 cm.

As is the case with all of our trees, Spruce Platinum natural easy to assemble and manipulate it. It is a matter of course that a stand with rubber, scratch proof feet is attached as well. .

Spruce artificial Christmas tree will brighten your home natural Platinum and gives him a genuine Christmas atmosphere!

Caution: Please consider well the tree’s total height before your purchase. The total height stated includes the height of the very top vertical twig for the top ornament with dimensions of 25 – 30 centimeters. Tree is shorter without the top.

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