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Spruce Gold wrapped in snow - artificial christmas tree 150 cm

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Artificial Christmas tree - Spruce Gold wrapped in snow, 150 cm high. .. more

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10 benefits of artifical trees

  • 1. Extremely realistic look, yet easy to maintain
  • 2. Won’t scatter mounds of messy needles all over the floor
  • 3. Can handle A LOT of Christmas decorations
  • 4. Perfect shape and color
  • 5. Meets the highest EU safety standards
  • 6. Easy to fold/unfold and will last a long time
  • 7. You are contributing to the plantation of real trees
  • 8. Two-year guarantee
  • 9. Three types of needles' execution to choose from
  • 10. FREE delivery

GOLD design

Gold Christmas trees are known for their natural look and are almost indistinguishable from the real trees. They are one of the customers' favorites. They are made of high quality materials and meet the highest safety standards of the European Union. Their branches are wellformable. Artificial trees are practical for maintenance and cleaning. They are easy to fold and manipulate.

Spruce Gold wrapped in snow - artificial christmas tree 150 cm

A tree that will bring the true Christmas charm indoors:

  • A perfect imitation of the real tree
  • Easy to assembly, everyone can do it
  • All kinds of decorations can be hung on the tree
  • The tree stand is a matter of course and comes with the tree, free of charge

Are you looking forward to a white Christmas but snow is nowhere in sight? What about creating the true atmosphere by purchasing a tree that is wrapped in snow! Spruce is one of the most popular and also one of the most beautiful artificial Christmas trees. This is particularly due to its very realistic shape of branches and densely-stacked needles, which enable any kinds of decorations and tree lights to be hung on it.

This design looks very natural, yet it is elegant and guarantees a completely natural look. It also has a perfect shape and colour. The Gold Spruce wrapped in snow creates the magical charm of a snowy, white Christmas. It is also easy to assemble and then disassemble.

A beautiful tree that you can use every year!

The advantage is also easy handling. This model is part of the Gold series, a 2D design with different sizes to choose from – 150cm, 180cm and 220cm. The tree comes with the tree stand.

Thanks to this beautiful tree, your Christmas holidays will bring the true and magical Christmas charm and you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your family, which will be emphasized by this beautifully decorated Christmas tree.


Brand: All4Customer
Guarantee: 24 months
Execution: Gold
Height: 150 cm
Width: 100 cm
Material: artificial mass
type: trees
Color: white
Type of conifers: spruce
Needles: 2D Needles
Product availability: We ship immediately!
VAT: The shown price includes 21% VAT


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