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Spruce Pyrenees 180 cm - artificial christmas tree

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10 benefits of artifical trees

  • 1. Extremely realistic look, yet easy to maintain
  • 2. Won’t scatter mounds of messy needles all over the floor
  • 3. Can handle A LOT of Christmas decorations
  • 4. Perfect shape and color
  • 5. Meets the highest EU safety standards
  • 6. Easy to fold/unfold and will last a long time
  • 7. You are contributing to the plantation of real trees
  • 8. Two-year guarantee
  • 9. Three types of needles' execution to choose from
  • 10. FREE delivery

Spruce Pyrenees 180 cm - artificial christmas tree

This luxury Christmas tree will light up your home!

Our artificial spruces are characterised with their very realistic appearance, at first glance you won’t distinguish them from live trees. This artificial Christmas tree will become the focus of every visit!

To achieve a real look, the needles on the ends of the branches are made from PE material, which is poured into moulds, creating whole parts of the branches, while the needles of other branches, which serve to create the impression of a dense tree, are made from PVC film. This combination of material makes the branches richer and more affordable.

Unfold the branches to give your new tree a perfect look. Same as all our trees, the Pyrenees is easy to assemble and handle. Type A assembly is a premium solution, making it easier for you to work with tree assembly. There is a hinge near the branches, and when you put the tree in a stand this ensures that the main branches automatically unfold at a certain incline and then you only have to adjust the smaller branches. 

There is a metal stand of course, the stand is equipped with rubber feet so it doesn’t scratch your floor, as well as a textile cover for storing the tree. We guarantee that our trees give you a unique and stylish look, which you won’t find at any other company, thanks to our own designer.

Attention: Before buying a tree, think carefully about its size. The tip, the highest vertical branch, is included in the total tree height, its length is between 25 and 30 cm.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Brand: All4Customer
Guarantee: 24 months
Height: 180 cm
Width: 125 cm
Material: artificial mass
type: trees
Color: green
Type of conifers: spruce
Needles: 3D Needles
Product availability: We ship immediately!
VAT: The shown price includes 21% VAT

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