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Customer reviews

Customer reviews:

Naše reference

We are quite satisfied with the purchase we made at your e-shop. The tree delivered to us looked very much as showed at the images online and, also one of your customer support employees, namely Mr. Procházka, deserves to be mentioned as he proved to be quite nice and helpful via the online chat. Thank you!

John and Sara, Leeds

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Good Morning, thank you very much for the Christmas tree! It was delivered successfully and looks indeed quite nice so I had no option but to recommend your shop to my friends afterwards.

Yours faithfully, Janet

Naše reference

Hello, my new Christmas tree was delivered within 5 working days as advertised and really looks like the real one would!                                                                                 

Customer Paul from Bristol

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Good morning, Christmas tree was delivered ok, mainly our children enjoyed it. I would like to mention mainly the willingness and promptness of your colleagues working in the customer support. They were quite helpful. Thank you!

Yours faithfully Mr Smith, Belfast

Naše reference

Good afternoon, I would like to praise your E-shop. Christmas tree has really quite similar appearance as shown at the pictures. When I asked about the images and whether they are in any way enhanced I was assured that they in fact were not and the tree I was delivered proved that even further.

Mary, Chester

Naše reference

Good afternoon, I’m quite happy that I actually decided to order one of your artificial Christmas tree from your website. Tree was delivered within couple of days as promised and I was regularly informed about its status via email and even though the majority of delivery companies have sometimes problems finding our address there was no problem this time.

Cheers, Mark

Naše reference

I basically fell in love with our new Christmas tree even though I’m generally supporter of the natural ones. I have to say though that this one looks quite real, especially thanks to the density of branches and their shape.

Even my relatives were somewhat shocked when I told them that this time we got ourselves an artificial tree, since they thought it was real tree when they saw it for the first time.


Adele, Manchester

Naše reference

Good day. We bought an artificial fir from your e-shop and we are quite happy that we did. The tree looks as depicted at the images online and even the box wherein it was delivered still serves us :))

Carl, York

Naše reference

I was not quite sure whether to order online from this shop or not because the general terms and conditions seemed a bit off to me, however after a short call with someone from the customer support who explained everything clearly to me I decided to try it out and it was worth it. Wasn’t sure whether the tree will look like in real life the same as at the pictures but after the delivery I have to say that I would recommend this shop for sure.

My new tree looks quite realistically.

Thank you and wish you Marry Christmas!

Adam, Nottingham

Naše reference

I bought what I consider tob be a glorious Christmas tree from and I would wholeheartedly recommend these folks to everyone who’s looking for high quality, artificial Christmas trees. Highly reliable, free delivery and exchange plus pleasant communication with Mr. Procházka makes any purchase at a no brainer really.

Our family is looking forward to our first Christmas with this new beautiful tree of ours.

Alex, Sheffield

Naše reference

I’d like to thank especially Mr. Procházka who helped me immensely when looking for a Christmas tree. Very pleasant communication with people who are willing to help their customers all the way.

I wish you the best of luck in your hopefully growing business.

All the best, Mr. Jones

Naše reference

Hello, the tree I ordered was delivered in time and looks maybe surprisingly as the real one should. Quite happy with the purchase.

Thanks again! Alicia


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