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Treeforme - Premium quality from the number one producer Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What about the prices? Any discounts available in the future perhaps?

Literally all prices shown at our e-shop have been already reduced in one way or the other. At this point you may see that we cut them by chunky 35% as we are in the middle of the pre-season sale. Check our page regularly or subscribe to our newsletter and you will never miss out on the next big discount!

Delivery time aka when can I expect my new artificial Christmas tree?

You should expect your new Christmas tree to be at your door usually within 10 working days from the point when your order has been confirmed by our staff via e-mail, which is usually only couple of minutes after the order has been placed.

Is the tree-stand part of the package or should I get one from somewhere else?

Well of course that the appropriate tree stand is part of every artificial Christmas tree we have in offer so that is yet another issue you may cross off your list.

How should I set-up my Christmas Tree?

Setting up your new artificial tree is fairly easy as one should expect:

  • Make enough place for the tree and place the stand
  • Unpack the Christmas tree
  • Fix the bottom section into the stand, then continue with the middle and top sections
  • Arrange the branches and twigs however you see fit!
  • All done, now is the time for the Christmas decorations of your choice.

If you like to decorate your tree with a lot of various decorations then we recommend you go for the full 3D tree as its branches can deal with even the heaviest of decorations. For more information about the difference between various types of artificial trees please visit this page.

Is it possible to get the trees from one of your brick-and-mortar shops?

Unfortunately, we do not operate any such store at this point and the only way you can get one of our top quality artificial Christmas trees is from this website, or one of the language mutations we manage as well.

If you would prefer to shop in one of the following languages instead:
Czech, Slovak, German, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Italian or Slovenian, then please choose one of the flags in the bottom left corner.

You may also count on the customer support being in your preferred language as well.

When is the deadline for making an order before the Christmas Eve?

The very last day one should consider placing an order and expect it to be delivered before the December 24th is on the 15th of December 2017.

However please note that this date may change as we get closer to the Christmas Eve due to the high number of orders we might need to dispatch. One way or the other we will inform you on our web and Facebook pages about any changes in this matter and the decisive deadline will be acknowledged by our staff in advance for sure.

Are there any trees as high as 8.2 feet or 250 centimeters respectively?

Yes, we do have even those heights in our stock, however please note that due to specific limitations of the courier company cooperating with us we may not be able to send it to your country.

If you wish to know more about the height limitation please get in touch with our customer support at, however as a general rule of thumb we are unfortunately unable to send those anywhere but Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

I have already placed my order but wish to make additional changes, what should I do?

It is of course possible to change and / or cancel your order before it gets dispatched. To do so please get in touch with us as soon as possible via the email address.


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