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Treeforme - Premium quality from the number one producer The differences between 2D, 3D and full 3D needles

The differences between 2D, 3D and full 3D needles


Those times when you could tell artificial Christmas trees from the real ones pretty much blind folded are all but gone. Have a look at our artificial trees which are almost perfect copies of the real ones with added benefits of durable, quality materials! You can expect the top notch natural look thanks to the densely layered twigs and top quality PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). One can choose from artificial Christmas trees with 2D, 3D or even the very special and popular full 3D needles execution which is also the best choice for those who usually put a lot of heavy decorations on top! If you are new to these 2D, 3D needles terms and would like to know more about the differences between them then keep reading!

Artificial Christmas trees with 2D needles

Even though that recent years saw the birth of 3D and full 3D needles which pretty much took over the majority of artificial Christmas trees market, the 2D version is still very popular and sought for version. And it’s really no mystery why is that still the case – classically produced 2D needles are manufactured from PVC foil cut to required lengths, shapes and densities. If you are looking for more affordable but still charming Christmas trees then look in our 2D selection!

Artificial Christmas trees with needles 3D

The manufacture process producing these soft 3D needles is little bit more complicated and calls for the latest technology! The 3D artificial Christmas trees have their needles’ ends made of quality PE (polyethylene) materials, which are in fact created by casting them into forms which help to create whole twigs. In the core part of the tree (near the trunk) are the classic PVC needles so it can be said that this tree type has the right balance – on one hand it looks very real and beautiful and on the other it’s still very affordable which makes the 3D type the ideal artificial Christmas tree compromise.

Artificial Christmas trees with full 3D needles

The new generation of artificial Christmas trees with ultra-realistic full 3D needles have become victims of their own popularity as they are shipped all over the Europe in still rising numbers! The whole tree’s body is made of quality PE materials (PE castings), with twigs densely layered which - with the aforementioned quality materials -gives your home the very best Christmas atmosphere to cherish!


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